Automate Your Business

Angela's brand new book and talk title, Stop Running to the Well, is centered around automating your business as effectively and efficiently as possible so that you can have a predictable and consistent stream of income into your business.

What's Inside?

Faster business growth

Find out how to get your business to skyrocket ahead of the competition using Angela's strategic keys.

Quicker increased revenue

As soon as your pipeline is up and running you will see a steady stream of regular revenue flowing into your business.

Clearer job descriptions

Learn how to identify the key people to manage your pipeline so that you can be free to do the things you enjoy.

Standardised systems

Everyone will be on the same page and will always know what do to as you point your team to the pipeline blueprint.

Working hours of your choice

All your hard work pays off leaving you free to work if and when you want to. Your time is back to being your own.

About the Author


Angela De Souza is on a mission to unlock the potential that exists within each and every business owner. She is an author, speaker, trainer and the founder of the national business network, Women’s Business Club. Angela speaks at events worldwide for both business and/or personal development. Her talks can range from a 20-minute inspiration slots to full-length keynotes and all day training.


What People Are Saying

Natalie Ferrari


“Every person who attended our event enjoyed Angela’s talk, and felt enthused, inspired and informed. Angela has a unique way of conveying information in an enthusiastic and positive way, while remaining realistic and clear in her delivery, and you come away with practical and use-able advice. I would highly recommend Angela!”

Jonathan Pollinger

Intranet Future

“Angela is an engaging speaker as she always manages to work in a story or two to capture the audience’s attention and to get them involved. Angela is a great supporter of local businesses and if you’re looking for a great speaker for your event, you can’t go wrong with Angela.”

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